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My aim when producing one of my wildlife paintings is to impart something of the lifestyle and character of the animals I paint. All too often, wildlife paintings are sterile, static portraits of animals, rendered in great detail, but tell the viewer little about the animal or its way of life. Wild animals are alive, they hunt, mate, react with other animals, fight and search for food. These are the stories I want to show my prospective buyers, not just beautifully rendered, photorealistic portraits.

Having been fortunate to have travelled to some beautiful and amazing countries, I have tried to absorb some the atmosphere, observe the special light and watch the animals that inhabit my paintings.

I have travelled in Africa; Kenya and Tanzania, witnessing the drama of the plains animals, the big five and so many other fantastic inhabitants of this magical country. To Canada; the Rockies, for elk, bear, big horn, deer, prairie dogs and fantastic scenary., In Austria I visited the Bayeriche Forest located on the Austrain/ Czech border in winter snow to watch and photograph bears, lynx, wolves and bison.

Such is my interest in wildlife art that fifteen years ago, along with a couple of other artists, I started The Wildlife Art Society International TWASI, for which I served as the Chairman and President. I am now the Immediate Past President and Founder. The society has gained a truly international following. Other areas of interest include North American Indians and historic reproductions. I am also a Signature Member of the international group Artists for Conservation (AFC)

In 2000, I also launched Wildscape Magazine, a publication dedicated to wildlife art and conservation. As the publishing Editor, I am pleased to say Wildscape has proved very popular with both artists and those who buy the art or are just interested in this particular genre. The magazine also has an international following, and is going from strength to strength.

Gallery representation and commissions welcomed